Hometown: Kelowna, B.C.
Current: London, On.

Guitar Chordpro Sheet Sharing Site

Angular2/MEAN stack application
View public chord sheets or sign in and create your own!

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Mike Smith
Student Management System

Ember.js/MEEN stack application
View and edit student records with ease!

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Space Shooter
3D space shooter game

Shoot your way through customizable levels of alien invaders!
Created using Unity3D with scripting in C#

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Front Desk
Hotel Management Database

Angular 2 web application with MySQL Database
Manage guest, staff, floor, room and amenity + so much more!

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Virtual Reality Haunted Maze

Created during Hack Western 3
Using Unity3D, C#, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR

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Rock Paper Scissors Game

Is your arm tired of the repeated strain? Then look no futher!
Play Rock Paper Scissors with the touch of a button
Created using Unity3D with scripting in C#

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Projects to be added:

Projects that I have completed that will be here shortly...

  • AnonWall
  • SeeItSort - C++ Sorting Algorithm Visualizer
  • Unix socket programming - Unix Reader Writer + Anroid ChatRoom

Current Projects:

Projects that I am currently working on at the moment...

  • WRCStats.com
  • Student Ajudication System for Wetsern Engineering
  • C based embedded systems projects

Software Engineering

3rd Year Key Courses:
  • SE 3313a
    Operating Systems for Software Engineering

    Theory and construction of operating systems
    Real-time and Embedded systems aspect

  • SE 3316a
    Web Technologies

    Technologies, protocols and architectures of the Internet
    HTTP protocol
    Client-side/server-side scripting languages (JavaScript, PHP)
    Representational State Transfer (ReST) paradigm
    Asynchronous Java-script And XML (AJAX)
    Semantic web
    Business implications of protocols
    Legal, ethical and social issues surrounding such technologies
    Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JS (with JQuery), Node.JS
    Frameworks: Angular2 (with CLI), Express.js, MongoDB, Mongoose.JS

  • SE 3309a
    Database Management Systems

    Database fundamentals
    Relational database management systems
    Entity-Relationship approach to data modeling
    The relational model of database management systems (DBMS)
    The use of structured query languages (SQL)
    Relational algebra
    SQL in a programming environment
    Security and authorization
    Principles with emphasis on designing a schema, loading data and implementing queries for an application

  • SE 3352a
    Software Requirements and Analysis

    Requirement elicitation
    UML Modeling

  • ECE 4436a
    Networking: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture

    Communication networks
    Network architectures and protocols

2rd Year Key Courses:
  • SE 2205b
    Algorithms and Data Structures

    Java Exceptions, Java GUI
    Primatives and Basic Structures (Polymorphism, Dynamic Binding, Encapsulation)
    Abstract Data Structures:
    ADT Lists (Array Based and Linked Chain) Sturcture and Operations
    Interface Iterator (java.util), Iterable (java.lang) structure and implementation
    Array + List Based Concept + Implementation of Iterator
    Algorithm Efficiency (time + space complexity)
    Sorts (Recursive and Iterative models where iplicable, Arrays and Linked Lists): Selection, Insertion, Shell, Merge, Quick, Bucket, Radix
    Hashing (Functions, Compression, Collision Handling, Probing, Double Hashing)
    Binary, Binary Search Tree, Heap, AVL, 2-3, 2-4, Red-Black, B-Trees
    Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search
    Dynamic Programming

  • SE 2250b
    Software Construction

    Language C#
    Graphics Platform Unity 3D Game Engine
    Software development process
    Software specifications and design
    Programming language specifics (C#)
    Code review and inspections, testing, building and debugging tools (Unity)
    Version control (GitHub)

  • SE 2203a
    Software Design

    Object modeling language, such as Unified Modeling Language (UML)
    The Software Life Cycle

  • Math 2151a
    Discrete Structures for Engineering

    Binary Algebra
    Graph Theory

  • ECE 2277a
    Digital Logic Systems

    Digital systems
    Representation of digital processes using algorithms
    Modular approach to design by partitioning complex systems into subsystem hierarchies
    Hardware implementation and use of programmable devices

  • SS 2141a
    Applied Probability and Statistics


  • AM 2276b
    Applied Mathematics for Elec and Mech Eng III


  • CS 1037a
    Computer Science Fundamentals II

    Basic Programming C++

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